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Printed Wristbands

Your message and logo printed on a prominent position, which undoubtedly bring you the largest market effect. As the plane using screen-printing wristbands, which can print any graphic you want to increase the flexibility and diversity of products. Our printing technology allows us to print with incredible accuracy of the highest quality standards, and get the lowest price, you can under the guidance of our designer, design your rubber wristbands, strict manufacturing processes we will you complete the product. Our products are 100% Medical safe class silicone.None of our products contain lead or Latex.


Debossed Wristbands

Debossed wristbands are the most common species, your information is engraved on the silicon wristbands, and you can use different colors to show. Our silicone wristbands are made of 100% silicone . Custom silicone rubber wristbands are latex free and the child's safety.


Color Filled Wristbands

Color filled wristbands are simply debossed silicone rubber wristbands with color filled into the engraved letters. This technique is used by clients that like to add something extra to their silicone rubber wristband.


Embossed Wristbands

Embossed Silicone Rubber bracelets are used mainly by our clients looking to add an extra edge to their silicone rubber wristband. In this type of wristbands the words are raised from the band opposite of debossed rubber bracelets. Simply put, the words are not engraved but raised.


Color Coat Wristbands

We are the very first company to offer the Color Coat (2 Layer) silicone rubber wristbands in the industry. Our research and development team designed this type of silicone bracelets for our clients that needed the extra edge so their message speaks out.


Grow in Dark Wristbands

These personalized wristbands can be made in the shape or design of your choice. Grow in dark – The new style and fashion.Glow in the dark wristbands are translucent colors that glow when placed in the dark. These wristbands could be either debossed, embossed, ink injected, or even printed.


Swirls & Segmented Wristbands


Keychain Wristbands


Figured Wristbands



Golf Wristbands


Tire Wristbands


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