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Segmented Bracelets
Segmented Bracelets

Segmented Bracelets

We like wristbands, because it is diversified. Now we create a segmented bracelets, it can be multi-stage color,3, 4 or more colors, but this does not affect you to do other designs,you can also select debossed, embossed,plaint and depression in print, color filled and so on. Segmentation process is very mature for us to make segmented bracelets, we have this product for many years, so rest assured to order our products right. We have excellent designers, high-quality products, friendly service, sophisticated logistics, all in your grasp, the order product in one step, easy online ordering.

When you want to find a stylish and affordable way to promote your business or organization, segmented bracelets fits your needs. Here, you can choose different rubber bracelet color segmentation, selection method to achieve the design of your information and / or logo. The split strap is suitable for all ages, for collectors and children communicate with their friends. Their schools and sports teams for a great fund-raising project.
Silicone rubber bracelets segmentation is screen printing with you in a different color with information directly. In the choice of the color and with color is to use contrasting colors will make your information more easily show the greatest impact. You will be custom designed bracelets, you will select the favorite color, message and any design or logo. Complete the design, you will receive with your imagination fully consistent with the final design approval by e-mail to your production.

Commonly used in the project segmented bracelets to raise funds because they are cheap, you can design a good logo, which does not increase the price. If you want to buy a large quantity, can be the same pattern but different colors, so you can provide a variety of options. Many people like to wear two or three bracelets together, it looks better results. Segmented bracelets is a great way to reward good work for school children. They like to wear these colorful bracelets division will bring them more happiness. You can also use a special way to celebrate their special day, such as your wedding date
Instead of using traditional methods, so that guests and family members to share your unique and special souvenirs split bracelet printed pattern. High school diploma or university graduates to wear as a permanent date. You can also use the bracelets to promote your small business. When you give the bracelet to your customers, which will promote your business.

If you want a quote for segmented bracelets, go to fill out the form online. You will normally get a response in just a few hours and get your quote by the email soon. Whatever you need, all the wristbands are 100% Silicone and you will get free artwork and design, free color matching, and free unlimited artwork revisions. Plus, you get ten day production which means you get your segmented bracelets soon!


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