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custom rubber wristbands
Custom Rubber Wristbands

Custom Rubber Wristbands

We are the manufacturers of the Custom Rubber Wristbands in Gaoyao city of China since from 1998. As you know that there are many style of bracelets . we would like to know your detailed request about the custom rubber wristbands .
Generally the wristbands size for the adults is 202mm x 12mm x 2mm (Length x Width x Thickness) . We can match any color in the Pantone international color chart . For the letters or logos .we have embossed, .debossed and printed styles . you can send your drawing of the logos or letters to us .
100 PCS or less is very few .but we can produce them also .just the aeverage cost will be a little higher .
Certainly . if you want us send the cargos to your office . pls tell us your office name and address . we will offer the express cost for the cargos also .After confirm all the details .we will offer you the exactly price .

In your life, if you have received silicone wristbands have the experience, you know what is its meaning and significance, it can give you a smile, a certain degree of joy and mature, and happy to bring a custom strap from which moment can be yours. Here you will find an amazing quality and price are satisfactory bracelet options, including custom rubber wristbands, and many other interesting design patterns, there must be something that I can bring ideas and design inspiration.

When it comes to elegance, technology and fun, there is no reason not to choose a custom rubber wristbands. They are the most wonderful designs in our factory to produce skilled, you can get from us a decent market price, we are the world's largest manufacturer of custom bracelet. If you are looking for your perfect custom rubber wristbands, please contact us further, to start your own design.
Silicone rubber wristbands are an elegant gift, it increases your enjoyment of life, either for themselves or others is a wonderful gift.

Shipping convenience, low prices, when you open your rubber wristbands, these parcels from China, your tremendous sense of accomplishment. What better way to show your feelings, your custom wristbands give you the best of friends and loved ones, or to express your love life. You want to find a custom rubber wristbands, write a fun, fashion, beauty of expression language,
These used to record in your custom wristband. Silicone bracelets have many basic styles and numerous other styles change, as long as your imagination play, it can be any shape and color.
An interesting gift is a gift of friendship, so this point, you and fashion a custom rubber wristbands life from the gift of friends. Custom wristbands represent fun and the best expression.


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